Things people forget to do before their local move

two people going through a moving checklist

Being under a lot of stress can make you forget about things. We can agree that moving can be a very stressful situation , even when you think you have the upper hand. As the moving day approaches, specific tasks, big or small, fall under the radar and don’t get done. That happens to almost everyone, even to the most organized people we know. But still, there are ways to remember some of the things people forget to do before their local move. The best solution is creating a moving checklist and following it through moving day.

How to create a moving checklist

For those who are afraid they will forget to do something before their move, an ideal solution would be a moving checklist. It is essentially a list of tasks you have to perform before, during, and even after moving day. Such a list contains specifics like date, place, names of people involved, and goals to achieve. It can describe chronological order tasks or a simplified list of critical duties every family member has to perform. It would help if you started creating a moving checklist when you know for sure that you are relocating. First, start by contacting one of the best moving companies in Essex County and build the list as you go along with the moving process. Always know what is coming next and what type of involvement the task requires. Stay organized, and you will have a successful relocation. Keep in mind that this is something people forget to do before their local move.

two people with a list of things not to forget before their local move

Having a moving checklist will help you remember all the important details of your upcoming move.

What you might forget before relocating

If you don’t have the time to create a moving checklist or you forgot to do it, you can expect to forget about something. It is normal not to remember some small thing like picking you dry-cleaning or leaving the garage door open. But what about essential things like forgetting to take some of your documents or forgetting to change your address? Or even getting in touch with to get your estimate and book your relocation on time. You have to be mindful but don’t just rely on your memory. Instead, use an app or a piece of paper to write down your chores and duties. That way, you will not be the one who forgot to notify your child's school or cancel the gym membership. Here is what other things people forget to do:

- Return borrowed books to the library
- Leave behind your safe deposit box
- Retrieve your stuff from storage
- Give the spare key of the old home to the new owners.

Remember to pack all your documents

Whether you are moving locally or require long-distance moving services , you should always pack all your documents. Moving preparations can be hectic, and you might be even a little absent-minded at times. Packing itself can be a tedious task, and collecting all of your items and putting them in boxes can be challenging. It may well happen that you forget to transfer school records to the new school or take medical records from the old to the new provider. Make sure you collect all financial, legal, employment, medical, school, and insurance documents. It will help if you have them in different, clearly labeled binders. If you have many papers piled over the years, you might need a box or two. It is best if you keep your documentation with you at all times, especially on the moving day. Have important documents at your disposal at any given time.

two people sitting on the floor looking at documents

Always bring your personal documents with you, especially on the relocation day

Don’t forget to label your boxes

One of the best pieces of advice someone can give you before moving is to label your boxes. It doesn’t seem as important when you are all caught up in the whirlwind of relocation. Rest assured, it is almost vital to have a smooth moving day and the day after. All moving boxes look the same, so if you have some sensitive items in a box, they can be damaged without knowing what it is inside. You should put clear instructions on packages that require special care as your movers will ask you to, anyway. By labeling boxes in advance, you will save time and be proficient, ultimately making your move easier to handle. Once you have marked everything, close and tape all the boxes, keep everything clean and safe until your movers arrive, and start piling them up in the truck. When they unload the boxes, it will be easy for you to unpack.

You should change your address before moving

One thing people forget to do before their local move is to change their address in advance. You may be all tangled up in boxes and packing that you quickly forget such things as an address change. If you are not aware, it is possible to change the address about two weeks before relocation. You can do this by contacting all relevant authorities that have your address on record. That might be the Canada Revenue Agency or Canada Post. Fortunately, Canada Post has an online form of mail forwarding you can use. That is an easy and efficient way to be sure all your mail will be coming to your new address. Make sure to make the change with your credit card provider as well. You should notify your family and friends about the new address, as well. Or you will have some explaining to do later.

person checking the things people forget to do before their local move her phone, while a man is packing moving boxes

You can change your address online

It is essential to keep your finances in check

The stress of relocation can be overwhelming so it’s normal that there are some things people forget to do before their local move. Even if you hire professional movers, you have a lot of stuff to do by yourself. That fast-paced tempo can cloud your judgment at times, and you may spend more than you planned. Having a moving budget and sticking to it would be a good idea. Also, please remember to cancel all your recurring charges either online or by contacting companies directly. You don’t want bills piling up for services linked with your old location. Cancel memberships to local clubs or the gym, as you might not need them anymore even if you are moving locally.

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