Last-minute moving tips for seniors

Moving is a stressful and complex process, regardless of your age. There are tons of things that require organization and scheduling. And, the older you get, the number of things to consider gets bigger and bigger. However, if you are a senior who decided to move at the last minute, for one reason or another, things are probably looking very overwhelming to you at the moment. Well, of course. Moving is a process that requires a lot of our time, energy, and money, and it is not something that can be done overnight, especially when you are a senior. But, do not worry; we are here to help you execute a low-stress move. Thus, if this is something that interests you, keep on reading. Here are some last-minute moving tips for seniors.

You Still Need a Plan

Many people think that last-minute moving should be about throwing the belongings in boxes and forgetting about everything else. But, this is where they make a crucial mistake, especially if we are talking about seniors moving. It is easy to get lost and overwhelmed if there is no plan in place. You only need a day to figure out that plan, and trust us, that one day will save you a lot more time and energy later on.

Thus, before doing anything else - make a plan! Call people for help, decide what you need to bring and what should be left behind, gather all the packing materials in one go, pack your essentials bag, prepare your new home for your arrival, etc. Put everything on paper so that you do not forget something.

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A plan or a simple to-do list can be a life-saver for seniors moving. Alt.tag: A to-do list is the first of the moving tips for seniors.

Hire a Last-Minute Help

Hiring movers might be the best option for seniors who have decided to move to a new home at the last minute. And, why? Because professional movers are trained and experienced enough to handle any move along with all possible moving-related tasks you may need. They will come in no time, pack all of your belongings in proper boxes, seal and mark them properly , and of course, ensure that they come to your new place intact. All you have to do is find movers who are reliable and ones that suit your needs and budget.

Ask Family Members for Help Too!

If your budget does not allow you to hire movers, or if you simply cannot find them at the last minute, call your younger family members for help. And, call them now! You will need all the help you can get. So, if possible, besides the family members, call you friends and neighbors too. The more hands on deck, the better. You will be glad you did this once moving furniture and carrying boxes up and down the stairs starts.

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If you do not want to be a victim of moving injuries, leave the heavy lifting to younger generations! That is one of the essential moving tips for seniors. Alt.tag: Cardboard boxes.

Declutter as Much as You Can

Before your movers or your family member come to help you pack, be sure to declutter. That is, decide what things will go with you to your new home and what should be left behind. As a senior, you will probably be moving to a home that is a lot smaller than the one you are living in now. After all, that would be the most practical thing to do. But, to do that, you will need to get rid of many things. Try not to be overly sentimental! Bring only the things that are absolutely necessary for enjoying your golden years. And, when it comes to everything else, either donate, sell, or throw away.

If, however, you experience a hard time letting go of all of your possessions, start looking for a way to bring them to your new home as soon as possible. Maybe one moving truck will not be enough. Perhaps you will need a storage container pod. Storage pods are a practical solution , especially if you are moving out of state. Take everything into consideration!

Store Old Memories in New Ways

Another way to declutter and save some space in your new home would be to store old memories in new ways. That can be done with photographs, albums, video cassettes, CDs, and various documentation. With today's technology, you can have all of this in just one small USB drive. They will not crowd your new apartment, but they will always be by your side. Think about this if you find yourself lacking space in your new

Another way to keep all of your items but to have your new home decluttered is to store your things in a storage unit nearby. That way, you will not have to throw or sell anything, but you will still have a lot of space in your new home.

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If you have difficulties figuring out the latest technology, ask your children or grandchildren for help! Alt.tag: A father and daughter looking at a smartphone.

Be Sure Your Essentials Bag is Ready

Packing an essentials bag is of key importance. It is crucial whether you're 20 or 80 years old or whether you are moving across the ocean or somewhere around the corner. Thus, as soon as you decide to move, start working on an essentials bag.

In this bag (or box), you should put everything necessary for your first two days of the move. These two days will be chaotic, and finding the things like a charger, glasses, medication, can opener, etc., will be extremely hard. Thus, put in this bag the following:

• Mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and all their chargers
• Glasses
• Medication and prescriptions
• All possible paperwork and documents
• Food and drinks for those two days
• Change of clothes
• Pet necessities (if moving with a pet)

This essentials bag will be a life-saver , so do not hesitate to pack it. It will save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise spend on looking for those things and reopening the boxes you already packed.

Last-Minute Moving Tips for Seniors Delivered

Even though moving is one of the most stressful endeavors a person can go through in their life, especially later in life, and last-minute, with out moving tips for seniors you can be certain you will minimize the stress and chaos. Remember that moving to a new place should be a joyous experience and a chance to make a few new memories.








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