How to interview local movers before hiring them

Moving is a very challenging process. Thus, no wonder why so many people stopped with DIY kinds of relocations and turned to professionals. Professional movers are the only people who can guarantee a safe and quick relocation. But, keep in mind that not all moving agencies are the same. They vary in many ways, but what you want is a reliable local moving agency, the one that suits your needs and your budget. Do not worry; finding that kind of an agency is not going to be hard. You just need to ask the right questions during the interview, and we are here to help you with that. So, if you want to know how to interview local movers before hiring them, keep reading.

Do the Following Things Before the Interview!

Before you actually call the movers, you must do your homework. This is especially important if you are moving for the first time and want your local move to be a low-stress one. So, first, research the local companies that suit your needs and budget. Do a background check! What is the point of having an interview with a particular company only to find out that they do not have a license or insurance at the end of the day? Then, educate yourself on all the red flags. For instance, if the local moving company seems too good to be true, it probably is. Finally, make sure you know all your moving rights and responsibilities as well!

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Do your own research before you start interviewing different moving agencies. Alt.tag: A woman researching how to interview local movers before hiring them.

Be Sure to Meet the Company's Representative in Person

Moving is a big deal as it takes a lot of our time, energy, nerves, and of course, money. Moreover, it is a big deal, as we are allowing strangers to handle all of our possessions. Because of all these factors, it is essential to meet your movers in person before you let them prepare your belongings for the big day and transfer them to your new location. So, find the address of the moving company you are interested in, and go check everything out. Be sure to meet the company's representative and talk about their moving practices and policies.
It would also be a good idea to call the moving company you plan on hiring and ask them for an in-home estimate. In this case, a moving representative will come to your home and give you an estimate of how much this particular move is going to cost. This way, you will meet people from the company in person, and you will also know exactly how much money you will need for this move.

Ask About the Services

While you are interviewing your local movers, do not forget to ask the most crucial question - what services they provide. Even though this is the most important question, still, many people seem to ignore it. This happens, usually, because they think that all moving companies offer the same services. But that is not true, as they vary from company to company. So, we advise you to write down the following questions and examples of services and ask your potential movers about them:

• Do you have your own moving truck?
• Will you bring your own packing supplies?
• Do you offer packing and unpacking services?
• Can you handle moving specialty items?
• Do you disassemble and assemble bigger pieces of furniture?
• Do you heavy-lift, or do you use machines like dollies?
• How much time do you need, on average, to pack and relocate everything?
• Do you offer storage options?

These are just some of the questions to have in mind when it comes to moving services, and of course, you should adjust them to your needs.

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Only by asking the right questions will you be able to find the right movers. Alt.tag: A man underneath a pile of boxes.

Ask About the Additional Fees

Additional costs are actually fees that you will be charged for certain moving services you need. For example, most moving companies charge extra for disassembling specialty items. But, some moving companies charge extra for those basic things like packing and unpacking. This is how sneaky moving agencies get you - they offer a low price, and then they hit you with a massive bill once everything is over. So, be careful! It is your right to know what you are paying for and why you are paying for it when hiring movers for your local move . Ask what they consider an additional fee before you sign any contract. Ask to see the prices of every service during the interview too.

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It is essential to learn how to interview local movers before hiring them, so you don't get overwhelmed later. Alt.tag: People packing their room.

Ask Your Movers How They Handle Complaints

The way your movers handle complaints and claims says a lot about them. So, once you figure out everything there is to know about the moving services and additional fees, be sure to ask your potential mover about their history of complaints and claims. If they have it and do not hesitate to give it to you, that is a good sign. It means that they keep track of everything and are not afraid of talking about their mistakes. Of course, it is a good idea to find out how they handled those mistakes too! However, if your movers do not want to give you a history of complaints, that is a red flag. And, as in the case of every other red flag - get out of there.

Knowing the kind of questions that you should ask when you interview local movers will help you immensely to ensure you have a reliable and experienced crew on your side. Consequently, you will avoid all the potential headaches a relocation can bring. As they handle packing, loading, unloading, and most importantly, the logistics of the move, you can focus on more important things. Ultimately, you will have more energy to dedicate to settling in your new home.








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