Moving amid the coronavirus outbreak

We can all agree that moving is both complex and stressful. What is more, it requires a lot of our time, money, and energy. You need to find a new home, sell the current one, find the right movers for the job, prepare your belongings, etc. As you can see, getting overwhelmed is inevitable. Thus, you must do everything in your power to make this process a little bit easier. And, how to do that? Well, you can start by packing an essentials box for moving. In that box, you should pack everything you and your family might need during the moving day and the day after. This will help you save a lot of time and nerves during the process of relocation. So, if you need some tips and tricks on how to pack an essentials box for moving, keep on reading.

Pack Kitchen and Food Essentials

If you have ever moved before, you know how long the moving day can last. You must be prepared for this day, especially if you are moving long-distance. Trust us, you will have no time nor energy to cook a meal or go out after an entire day of running back and forth with a pile of boxes. So, consider stocking up on some foods and kitchen items that will enable you to eat comfortably for at least a day or two until your new kitchen is ready for use. We recommend putting the following items in your essentials box for moving:

● plastic utensils and paper plates
● a mug/glass for each family member
● can and bottle opener, an all-purpose knife, a small pan
● paper towels, dish soap, and a dish towel
● non-perishable food items
● your children's favorite snacks
● bottled water, tea, coffee.

A shopping bag

Do not leave grocery shopping for after you move. Shop before moving to save time and relocate easier!

Pack Bathroom Essentials

After a hard day of moving, packing, and unpacking, you will need a long shower before you hit the bed. And who wants to look for bathroom items after all of that? Nobody! Instead, do yourself a favor and get everything ready before your moving day. Besides all the previously mentioned kitchen essentials, it would also be a good idea to pack all the bathroom essentials as well. Here is what you might need to put in your essentials box too:

● all the cosmetics and personal care items you normally use
● toilet paper
● soap and hand/bath towels
● shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel
● hairdryer

Pack Bedtime Essentials

If you want to be well-rested the following day, when you will need all the energy you can get for unpacking and bringing in furniture, a good night's sleep is a must. So, in order to enable your body to rest and for you to have sweet dreams, you will need to pack some bedtime essentials in this essentials box of yours. Here is what you might need for your first night in your new home:

● linens, sheets, blankets, and pillows for each family member
● curtains
● pajamas
● clothes for the next day
● your children's favorite books and toys

linen and pillows.

Clean linens, blankets, and pillows are something you will definitely need in your essentials box.

Pack Electronics

Right now, it would be almost impossible to imagine a life without technology. We got so accustomed to it that our daily activities seem like a mission impossible without it. Moreover, electronics are expensive and fragile, so it is also a good idea to keep them by your side at all times. Thus, pack the things you use daily and the ones you cannot imagine your life without in your essentials box! Here are a few examples:

● Phones
● Laptops and coolers
● Tablets
● Chargers
● Headphones
● Alarm clock
● Coffee maker

Pack Medications

If you are moving to a new continent, state, or even city, you must visit your doctor at least a couple of weeks before the moving day. Visit your children's doctor and your pet's vet as well! Obtain medical records (and prescription medicine if necessary) for each family member. This step must be on your moving checklist! Besides these, you will also need:

● A first-aid kit
● Pain relievers
● Vitamins
● Allergy medication
● Thermometer
● Any specialized medical items you (or a family member) use

Pack Kid's Essentials

If you are moving together with your child or children, you might need another essentials box just for their needs. We all know how 'cranky' children can be if they do not have something to occupy their minds with. So, you must pack all the things, that is, all the kid-specific things that might distract your child/children on moving day and maybe a day after it too. After all, your little ones will be in an empty house without any friends to play with, so do everything in your power to keep them happy and safe. To do that, pack the following items in the essentials box:

● Change of clothes (a couple of them)
● Your child's/children's favorite food, beverages and snacks
● A tablet or a laptop
● Books, toys, craft supplies, etc.
● Blankets and pillows

A teddy bear in a box

If you want the moving day to go smoothly, pack all the items your children can occupy themselves with.

Pack Pet Essentials

Last but certainly not the least items to put in your essentials box are all your pet's essentials. That is, of course, if you are moving with a pet. Just like with little children, you need something to occupy your pets as well. This move will be particularly scary for them, so do as much as you can to make them feel relaxed in your new home. Do that by packing the following items in the essentials box:

● Carrier
● Pet beds and blankets
● Toys and chews
● Collars and leashes
● Food and water bowl
● Pet food and some special treats








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