Tips For A Successful Commercial Move

A boardroom inside commercial space.

It's safe to assume most of our readers know residential moving isn't an easy task. Okay, but what about commercial relocation? Well, it kind of sounds about twice as hard, doesn't it? Commercial moves are generally more challenging than their residential counterparts. Still, there's nothing to worry about! With the right set of tips, you'll handle a commercial move (regardless of its size) without much hassle. That's exactly where we come into the picture. In this article, we'll show you tips for a successful commercial move. Stay tuned, folks! 

Create a moving inventory

First things first, you'll want to create a moving inventory. In other words: you'll need to decide what goes & what stays. A move is always a good time to declutter and downsize. Take inventory by doing the following:

  • See if you can shred or dismiss old files that are just gathering dust. Alternatively, see if there's a way to store them digitally. That will significantly lighten your moving load and pave the way for additional space-saving maneuvers. 

  • Think about the furniture. What's your plan for the old filing cabinets no one seems to use anymore? Or what about the pieces in your lobby that are falling apart in front of your clientele's eyes? Consider donating, selling, or throwing away furniture you don't need inside your new office space. 

An old cabinet

Consider selling, donating, or simply throwing away parts of your office inventory that just don't fit inside your new working space.


Labeling is a must

If you don't want to find yourself completely confused once the day of the move arrives, make sure you label all your moving boxes. You can do this by using numbers or colors. For instance, use the color red to mark each box that contains parts of your new office kitchen. You want to develop a system everyone can easily recognize, understand and follow.

Map out the space

By mapping out your future office space, you'll have a chance to visualize where certain things go. Coordinate your map with the labeling system we've described above. This will help you immensely once the moving day unravels. The unloading and unpacking process will be easier and more efficient. Also, this will help you figure out whether a specific room in your new office contains enough space for all the items you're planning to move. 

What's the weather forecast for the moving day?

It's good to know what the weather will be like on your moving day. Of course, watching a weather forecast is the most reliable way of finding out whether you'll have a commercial relocation during a storm or something. It's also essential to know how to handle the moving process during harsh weather conditions. Your best bet is to follow the advice we'll show you in the paragraph below.

Contact a local professional moving company

With commercial moves, there's just no going around this one. Basically, hiring professionals doesn't have an alternative. By going DIY (i.e., making your employees handle everything from packing to unloading), you won't make anyone happy. For instance, you won't be insured if something goes awry. Also, your employers will greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't count on them to do everything. Handling office inventory is a delicate and time-consuming process. It would be best to leave it to the folks who have some experience with the ordeal. 

A person working for a commercial moving company

Caption: By hiring professional movers, you'll ensure both your employees and yourself enjoy a hassle-free office relocation.

Don't be afraid to spend a bit more on packing supplies

Even though it may seem costly, investing in quality packing materials will save you some money in the long run. You'll make sure all of your delicate office inventory is securely packed. Packing supplies often include tape, cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc. Also, there isn't an office today without a bunch of IT equipment (computers, printers, and so on). You'll need to pack those with some extra care. Alternatively, you can find a moving company that offers quality packing services. Moving crews are known to sport the best packing materials you can find on the market since they don't want to waste money paying you for the stuff that might end up damaged. 

A man using tape to close a cardboard moving box

Invest in high-quality packing supplies, or simply hire a moving company that offers packing services in addition to transferring your office inventory.

Storage units to the rescue

While checking out your best options, you might want to consider renting storage. This will help you gradually build your office setting the way you've imagined it. Maybe you still haven't figured out how to adjust your new pieces of office furniture to your old ones. Also, if some of your employees are going remote, it might be best to put a portion of their personal inventory inside the storage units. Lastly, some companies rent storage space because they don't have enough room for the items they don't use regularly. As one might assume, commercial space is more expensive than storage unit rent.

Notify your customers & clients about the upcoming move

Lastly, you don't want to forget this one. Notifying your customers & clients about the upcoming move (i.e., your new address) is undoubtedly a must. Make sure everyone on your mailing list gets this information. Also, updating your address on online business directories will prevent some unfortunate scenarios from happening. This is one of the most important tips for a successful commercial move out there - no doubt about it! Angry customers/clients aren't something business owners want to provoke. 

Final words

That's about it for these tips for ensuring a successful commercial move. We're sure that you'll handle everything the right way, just by following this selection of advice. Even though it seems somewhat tricky, commercial moving is more than doable. There's a good chance you won't be losing any hair over it!


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