Guide to disassembling furniture for storage

A man disassembling furniture for storage

Storage units are the best way to keep your items safe until the next time you need them. People use them for many different purposes – during the moving process or while renovating, saving old furniture, hobby supplies, or seasonal items. There are endless ways to use your storage. However, one thing is for sure – you need to prepare your items for storage so they can stay safe for a long time. When it comes to storing furniture, it’s more than just placing them in a safe corner. Disassembling is one of the best methods to make sure your furniture stays intact until the time you need it. It’s perfect for long-term storage plans, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this. Here are the best tips on properly disassembling furniture for storage.

What are the items that need disassembling?

As storage units offer limited space, their purpose is to store as many items as possible. Therefore, the problematic items are big furniture pieces, especially those in irregular shapes or with certain parts sticking out. Usually, people have trouble storing chairs, tables, desks, beds, cabinets, etc. If you have a home gym, big exercise equipment can give you a headache. It’s best to deal with these items in parts – that’s why disassembling furniture for storage is necessary before packing.


Before you start disassembling, be sure to check if it’s necessary. This means you should take measurements of the storage unit, but also of the doors and the items you want to store. Sometimes, it’s not necessary to break apart something that easily fits the unit. This also depends on how many things you plan to store and how much space you have left.

Pick a safe place to do the work

When it comes to dealing with heavy furniture, safety should always come first. Start with picking a safe place to disassemble your items. This should be away from any fragile items, but also your kids and pets. Pick a room that doesn’t have many things in it and is clean and dry. It can be the room where the furniture already is, or a garage, etc. Any place where you have enough space to maneuver without making a mess will do just fine.

Prepare the tools

Every piece of furniture is different, but most of them have screws. That’s why you should prepare tools such as a screwdriver, crowbar, a wrench, lineman’s pliers, and a hammer. Be sure to have a couple of sizes of screwdrivers to make sure you have one suitable for the items you plan to disassemble. All of these tools will help you disassemble your items much faster and with minimum risk of hurting yourself.

Tools for disassembling furniture for storage

Tools you need for disassembling furniture for storage will make the job easier.

Pick the right storage unit

To make sure your items stay safe after you disassemble them and place them in the unit, be sure to pick a place that’s appropriate for wooden furniture and other delicate items. It is important to maintain optimal humidity to prevent irreparable damage. Moisture is not good for wood, so be sure to choose climate-controlled storage, clean it properly, and make sure it’s completely dry before you place the items inside.

Three storage units.

Storage you choose needs to be safe and prevent moisture from damaging your belongings.

Check the manual

Certain furniture stores let you assemble your furniture on your own – giving you all the necessary tools and a manual. It’s an easier way to transport the items to your home, and it’s more fun. Putting the items in a storage unit is the perfect moment to find those manuals. They can be very helpful with disassembling, as sometimes the order of removing the parts is very important.

Start with the fragile parts

Depending on the furniture, some pieces may include parts made of glass or ceramics. Be sure to remove these parts first and pack them safely. Wrap them with a protective wrap or simply with an old blanket or sheets. It’s difficult to replace such parts so be sure to take good care of them.

Save the little bits

To be able to put everything back the next time you need it, it is necessary to save all the screws and any other smaller items that come with the furniture. Put it in a plastic back, close it tightly and place it in a safe place or simply tape the bag onto a bigger piece. If you save these items away from their ‘base’, be sure to label the bag so you can easily find it later. It’s important not to lose anything – it’s hard to replace the parts after a long time.

Wooden parts need special care, too

Even though you can’t break it easily, wood needs special attention when storing. This is important to protect it from humidity, leaks, scratches, and pests. Be sure to get more information on storing wooden furniture so it can stay safe in the storage unit for as long as you need it. Proper storing techniques will ensure the items are as good as new the next time you want to use them.

Screwdrivers on a wooden surface.

Wooden items need special care to prevent damage.

Get help

If you’re dealing with heavy pieces, it’s best to get someone to help you out. Maybe some of your friends have experience with such tasks. However, the safest way is to hire professionals to help you disassemble and pack the items. It’s the easiest method that will protect both your belongings and yourself.

Take your time

Disassembling furniture for storage can take a while. Be sure to pick a day when you don’t have many other things to do, and be patient. Take your time, as rushing can only lead to damage or hurting yourself.








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