Moving Locally 101


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Moving may sound like a tedious job. However, it isn’t really that hard once you get the hang of it. All it takes is a good plan. What items do you need? What items should you throw away? Which materials should you use for packing? Which moving and insurance companies should you hire? Once you cover the specifics and the points just mentioned – the relocation itself should be a walk in the park. Read on to learn the must-knows and get to know some basics of moving locally – the so-called moving locally 101.

Moving Locally 101 – Easily Done in 4 Steps

Long-distance moving may be a challenge. But if done right – it should pose no problems. The same goes for moving locally – and it can be done in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Decluttering Your Home

The first, and perhaps the most important step when moving is the decluttering process. Decluttering does not only mean rearranging all your items differently. It may also include getting rid of items which you don’t use as much. Do you have some old magazines gathering dust? Even though a single magazine may not be a bulky thing on its own – if you are an avid reader of magazines, one by one, magazines may be a great space taker eventually.

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Be it fashion, tech, gaming or home design magazines – not everything contained in magazines is relevant after a couple of years, or perhaps even a month (tech-wise). If you still have some older gadgets which you have laying around that are not being used – or are used very rarely – you might consider giving them to someone else or simply selling them.

This way – not only will you be reducing the number of items that you need to move with you – but the costs as well. This can prove to be a great way for you to save money when moving.

Step 2 – Find Reliable Moving and Insurance Companies

Considering you already know the exact location of the apartment you are relocating to, choosing the moving and insurance companies for when you finally move shouldn’t be hard. There are multiple companies which provide different moving services – and some specialize in local moving.

Choosing a company that specializes in local moving is often a much better choice than moving with the one that provides interstate or international services. Not only do they, more often than not, have more affordable service packages, but they know the cities they are operating in better.

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On the other side, long-distance movers usually have trucks with trailers well equipped to transport large amounts of bulky items in as fewer trips as possible. However, local movers generally have multiple smaller trucks or vans at their disposal – giving them a bigger advantage over the long-distance ones due to being able to access narrower and smaller roads.

Having the appropriate insurance package available is crucial as well. With your items damaged during transportation, you will be spending more personal funds on unplanned disasters.

Step 3 – Prepare the Packing Materials

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Some moving companies provide their own packing materials and services, however, in some cases, it might be more adequate, time or budget-wise, to buy some for yourself. Therefore, you will be able to start packing on time, or even earlier, to avoid any relocation plan bottlenecks. If you have a car or a pickup truck – you might even move some of the items in advance.

Some items, like antiques, will need special care, which is where hiring some companies might be more appropriate due to professionalism in handling.

Step 4 – Make Sure All Utilities Are Transferred

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What a lot of people often do too late is transfer their utilities, like water, electricity, TV and Internet. There’s nothing worse than suddenly having to pay the bills someone forgot to pay or not having the TV channels and the Internet package you previously had. Therefore, an important step in moving, even locally, is to contact your utility providers and inform them of your address change. This way, you will be able to have all your previously payed bills acknowledged and – what’s more – you can even keep watching your favorite TV channels at a new place!


Another point worth mentioning is the planning itself. One of the most common mistakes is that people don’t start the relocation preparations early enough. Having a checklist is helpful, too.

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Only much later into the relocation does one realize that certain steps should have been completed earlier. It is quite important that all the steps mentioned above get completed earlier than initially thought. By planning in advance, you are expecting the unexpected. If certain events or expenditures that were unaccounted for occur, completing some of the steps earlier in the moving process will allow you to compensate for any unplanned events.


When moving locally – the location itself doesn’t mean everything. Of course, some locations might be more adequate than others due to the positioning in relation to nearby schools, museums, theaters, squares, or even the city center.

Naturally, these kinds of locations might sound more appealing due to your place of work or the location of the school your children are going to – but a cheaper location in the suburbs of the same town can prove to be a significantly better option in the long run. Namely, the initial expenses on the housing maintenance or further home improvements. Besides, the majority of towns have a very developed public transport system – like bus, tram, train or metro lines – or even bicycle lanes next to regular roads.


Ultimately, the minutiae of the moving procedure mostly depend on your personal needs, but bearing the above tips in mind definitely wouldn’t hurt. With the above tips on how to move locally and what aspects to pay attention to while doing so, you should finish the relocation in no time with our guide on Moving Locally 101. To sum up:

  1. Declutter Your Home

  2. Find a Reliable Moving and Insurance Company

  3. Prepare the Packing Materials

  4. Make Sure All Utilities Are Transferred

and before you know it – you will be on a path to success!